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Mark’s View of the Issues
The role of state government is to protect our individual freedoms and personal property rights. Neither federal nor state government should be politally involved in social planning, as that interfers with freedoms and property. Private industry is far more efficient and effective in using financial resources than federal and state government. I believe all government would become more efficient and cost-effective, if they had less resources. Money is best spent by the citizens who earned it, not by the government, this includes charitable giving.

I do not support any tax increase. And beyond that, government should be out of our pockets and away from our families and businesses. Fiscal responsibility begins at home and citizens are expected to live within their means, therefore, government must do the same. The tax burden on all taxpaying citizens must be eased. This can only be done by cutting government waste and eliminating unnecessary programs.

Fiscal Policy
Our government needs a spending cap and a debt reduction plan. Plus, I support individuals and families spending their own money in a capital and free-market enterprise system. A market driven system promotes competition, which ensures the availability of many goods and services at the best possible price.

Businesses and Jobs
A top priority is to lower Minnesota business taxes so they have the assets (capital) they need to be successful, which in turn will spur job growth. Minnesota cannot sustain its negative business image as the state with the 3rd highest corporate tax rate. Minnesota businesses cannot afford to pay higher taxes. Every dollar they pay in taxes is a dollar they cannot invest in their businesses—either for more employees, R&D, etc. In addition, Minnesota has too many regulations, permits, licenses, forms and fees on businesses. I support a comprehensive restructuring of taxes and regulations to ensure Minnesota’s competitive business environment. Government needs a better attitude towards businesses with the goal of helping those businesses succeed, rather than driving them out of the state.

Education is essential in a global economic market. We need a K-12 education policy that respects parent’s choice, is funded fairly and insists on local control. Core curriculum with an emphasis on math, science, reading, writing and American History should be a priority in every setting. Rural school funding needs to be equalized to that of metro school funding.

Health Insurance
The U.S. has the best health care in the world. The cost of health insurance can be reduced. Decisions for care should be remain privately between patients and physicians, not the legislators and bureaucrats. I am opposed to any government mandated health insurance or health care. With government involvement, it becomes more costly with less personal care, less coverage, less efficiency. We can improve our present system. One example would be to reduce state mandates on insurance providers and allow for free market interstate commerce with health insurance. Ultimately, businesses should not be mandated to provide health insurance as compensation packages for their employees. This would allow gross wages to increase as well as allow better personal relationships (market driven competitive choices) between a people and their insurer.

Energy and Environment
I support an energy and environmental policy that recognizes the importance of energy independence for our economic well-being and national security. I support increased drilling for oil and gas in our own country on both private and public land and using more of our own energy resources. Our energy industries have the technology to produce an abundance of inexpensive energy which is the strong arm of a market-driven economy, while at the same time being environmentally friendly. This includes coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power. All forms of government subsidized alternative energy production are proving to be inefficient boondoggles needlessly perpetuated by the government at taxpayer expense. These subsidies must be phased out.

A major role of government is to provide a transportation infrastructure. Roads and bridges are the backbone of this system and serve the greatest number of people. Transportation tax dollars should be used for the provision of a safe and efficient highway system. When considering alternative methods of transportation, they should serve a large population, be safe, efficient, cost-effective and self supporting.

I believe that life, as a gift from our creator, begins at conception and ends at natural death. Adoption should be the choice over abortion.

Ideally, children deserve to be raised by both a mother and father, living together in a happy, healthy, life-long marriage. Society, not government, must encourage families in becoming more successful at reaching this goal. At the same time, society must promote single parents, foster parents, and grandparents, succeed in raising healthy children.

The U.S. has always welcomed immigrants while at the same time encouraging assimilation. Everyone should be free to practice the customs and language of their native land and should also be actively encouraged to learn the most common things that bind our country together such as English. I support upholding immigration laws.

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